Virtual Reality Videos for Sale

If you’re looking for virtual reality videos to watch, Virtual Reality Videos for Sale is the place to visit! This website features lots of videos you can purchase and watch using virtual reality headsets. We also have a large listing of virtual reality videos you can watch for free, so you can visit us even when not looking for virtual reality videos for sale.

VR Development

We have Jaron Lanier, a computer scientist, to thank for the term ‘virtual reality.’ Lanier is also the person who founded the first company that sold virtual reality gear in the ’90s – VPL Research.

The first hardware that resembled what we use today and that offered an immersive experience was The Sensorama, a combination of a screen which showed stereoscopic images, fans, speakers, and devices which emitted smells. Roughly at the same time – late ’50s, early ’60s – the first head mounted display was developed for military uses. During the ’70s, scientists at MIT created the first interactive map that allowed people to walk through a representation of the city Aspen. During the ’80s, NASA used virtual reality for their projects, which was the final step VR needed to take before going mainstream.


VR Gear

Before you buy any virtual reality videos for sale, you need to be sure that you have the gear you can use to view it. Technically, you might be able to watch virtual reality videos on a standard computer monitor. If you want the real experience, however, you will need one of two types of virtual reality headsets – mobile or tethered.

Mobile virtual reality gear is usually on the more affordable end of the spectrum. The reason is simple – a mobile virtual reality headset is designed to use your smartphone to process and display virtual reality content. They are very little more than shells to put your phone into, with a couple of lenses that separate the phone screen into two, and the straps you need to put the whole thing on your head. And while that makes them affordable, it also drastically reduces the quality of the image you can get from your virtual reality videos for sale.

Tethered virtual reality headsets are more expensive and they have to be attached to an external device such as a computer or a console. These headsets come with a dedicated built-in display, and they use the processing power of the external device to enable much more options than mobile gear and a significantly better quality of the image.

VR Beyond Entertainment

While virtual reality seems like just a cool technology that enables us to view the virtual reality videos for sale on this website, it does have some serious uses that have little to do with entertainment.

Virtual reality is being increasingly used by the military for flight and vehicle simulation, parachuting simulation, and battlefield simulation. In education and healthcare, virtual reality can be used to enable participants to experience immersive environments that can help them adopt new concepts or learn how to interact with people or objects. Virtual reality is also often implemented by designers and engineers as part of the design cycle of a product.